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Who the heck is Joshua Villines, anyway?

Thank you for stopping by. This is my personal website, so things are much more informal here than they are on the professional websites I also maintain. If you are looking for professional information, please go to The Human Intelligence Group for my work in consulting, intelligence, crime prevention, firearms, and training.

Most folks who come to this page looking for my writings on religious topics, or occasionally they have seen my name linked to writing/editing in the fantasy publishing or gaming fields. Those visitors are often surprised to learn that my day job involves various means of training people to prevent or investigate violent crimes and terrorist threats.

I am a fully ordained and endorsed member of the Christian clergy, but I am not currently serving a church (although I do supply work in the Atlanta area as-needed). I think, as church attendance continues to decline and as fundamentalism continues to render Christianity increasingly irrelevant in the minds of educated Westerners, more and more clergy with other marketable skills will work bi-vocationally. In many ways this is a good thing because it will encourage us to find ways to serve as priests and pastors to our neighbors in every setting, not just from 11 to noon on Sunday. Many of us also feel compelled to produce lengthy blog posts as a form of "public theology." I am also a fully endorsed Chaplain, and I provide chaplaincy support to local law enforcement agencies, personally and as an instructor.

So, although being a member of the clergy is definitely a large part of my identity, it is not my sole vocation. Drawing on my intelligence training in the Army, and over two decades of work in investigations and fifteen years certified as a law enforcement instructor, I work as a consultant, trainer, and investigator - focusing specifically on human intelligence collection techniques, threat assessment, crime prevention, counter-terrorism, firearms training, and qualitative data/crime analysis. You can read more about that here.

In addition, I teach as an Adjunct Professor for Mercer University, and I avocationally do some writing for the computer game industry. Related to that work, I have edited a few high fantasy, steampunk, and science fiction novels/anthologies. I got started writing in those fields working as a journalist while I was in seminary, and I never stopped.  Spending my evenings writing about fantasy worlds where the good guys always win is a nice change of pace from my day job.

If you still haven't learned enough, my results from various personality tests are here.

Last Updated March 10, 2015
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