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This is an archive of older writings. Newer material is here.

The Transforming Heart of Christianity
A Series of Lectures for Virginia-Highland Church

I - The Christian Scriptures and Tradition (w/ Introduction) (March 5, 2003)

II - The Nature of Humanity and Sin (March 12, 2003)

III - The Nature of God and Holiness (March 19, 2003)

IV - Salvation (March 26, 2003)

V - Baptism, the Eucharist, and Worship (April 2, 2003)

VI - The Church and Community (April 9, 2003)


Other Writings

Let's Talk about the Bible - My response to those who claim their approach is "biblical"

There is No War on Religion in America - I agree with Jon Stewart, not the Republican candidates

Christian Love in Rhode Island - Another example of how "Christian" doesn't mean what you think

Why Shorter College's Demise Matters - A redacted version of the piece below

Shorter College is No More - My thoughts on the end of academic credibility at Shorter

Uncle Wayne's Funeral - Reflections on time, memory, death, and family

In Praise of a Secular Christmas - My thoughts on the real reason for the season

What do Christians Believe? - An Easter answer to a friend's question

Being Theologically Conservative - How I can claim that label while staying socially liberal

Thoughts after Seeing Watchmen - Personal musings on art and parenting

25 Random Things About Me - All the cool kids were doing it

Politics Should Stay Out of the Pulpit - Op-Ed from the Atlanta Journal-Constitution (10/5/2008)

Who Really Explains Away the Bible? - Opposition to an "inerrantist" hermeneutic

Are We Really Saving People from Hell? - My rejection of the "Roman Road"

Why We're in Birmingham - In Support of the Women's Health Clinics

No One Literally Believes Genesis - A Response to the Creation Museum in Kentucky

On Homosexuality - A copy of my standard e-mail response to this question

The Gospel Charge - The Charge to the Candidate I give at ordinations

Lacking Basis, Christians Fight Abortion - Op-Ed from the Atlanta Journal-Constitution (3/20/2006)

Regarding Mercer and the GBC - Published in the Macon Telegraph - November 17, 2005

A Familiar Pattern - Opposition to the "Woman's Right to Know Act" - March 5, 2005

Rethinking What It Means to Be a Democrat - November 5, 2004

Coping with the 2004 Election Results

Vote No on Bigotry - My Opposition to a Same-Sex Marriage Ban

Constitution Protects This Right - Op-Ed from the Atlanta Journal-Constitution (12/4/2003)

Waffling Candidates Unworthy of Support - Op-Ed from the Atlanta Journal-Constitution (10/31/02)

In God We Trust - Reflections on the World Trade Center Bombing



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